Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

Life is changing for you or a loved one and it’s time to learn about community supported resources in your area. Your community leaders want you to take advantage of them. Click on your state below to get started.

Senior Citizen Centers

It’s time to take a drive on the Senior Highway; your local Senior Center is the place to get on. This section connects seniors with all types type of community centers where older adults can congregate to fulfill many of their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Respite/Adult Day Care Centers

Fun support in a social setting for all; safety for moderate physical and cognitive impairment.

Fitness & Wellness

Facilities and coaching that increase strength, mobility, cognitive function and confidence.

Funeral Services/Pre-planning

Help to plan ahead for peace of mind.

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Community resources to help with home care of Seniors with onset or progression of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Meals Assistance

Community resources for nutritional assistance and essential transportation.

Veterans Services

A wide range of help and services for our Nation’s heroes.

Transportation Services

Transportation services for seniors in need.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Resources for medical equipment needs of Seniors living at home.

Volunteer/Work Opportunities

Connecting you to people and employers who need your contribution of service and experience.


Your pharmacy can bill many forms of insurance and benefit plans to help pay the cost of your medications. Plan options and requirements can be complex, get help.

Elder Abuse Prevention

It happens. Your state has agencies with resources at the community level to stop abuse of vulnerable adults in its tracks.