Funeral Services/Pre-planning

A funeral is like a wedding your loved ones will only have a few days to plan for. Planning and pre-arranging now to the extent you are able can greatly reduce the stress and burden of your loved ones at your passing. Having a will or trust simplifies the distribution of your estate at your passing and helps avoid contention between family members. Most Senior Centers invite legal professionals to come on a regular basis to help Seniors with simple wills and trusts. There are many choices to be made in a short period of time associated with a funeral. A funeral home can help you organize everything in advance within a particular budget. They may also offer prepayment plans funded with or without life insurance. Your life and health insurance agent may also sell policies designed to fund funeral expenses and final expenses. In any case, never enter into a contract for service or insurance you do not fully understand. If you need help, it is available through your Senior Center Ombudsman.