Home Health Care

You are recovering from an illness or injury that requires skilled care but not the 24/7 watch care of a hospital or skilled nursing facility. If you need help with bathing and toileting, you are able to incorporate features in your home that caregivers may require, such as grab rails and shower benches.

Home Health Care encompasses a wide range of professional services from registered nurses, wound care specialists, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and certified nursing assistants. Home Health Care helps with injections, intravenous treatments, monitoring vital stats, nutrition therapy, wound care and monitoring serious illness. It can be inclusive of non-medical help for dressing, bathing and toileting, along with housekeeping help. Your primary care provider refers you to a Home Health Care agency which coordinates your at-home professional care. The goal of your Home Health Care team is to complete your recovery process and help you return to your full potential for independence.