Non-Medical Home Care

Dressing, bathing and toileting are still manageable but it’s getting harder for you or your loved one to prepare meals, shop, have salon care or fill prescriptions. You have a concern over too much solitude for adequate cognitive activity and essential human contact day to day. Routine household tasks have become taxing and the living environment is showing signs of neglect: dishes, counters and clothing go unwashed; food stocks are sparse and unprotected.

Non-Medical Home Care falls generally into two categories: Companionship Care and Homemaking. Companionship Care is a ride to the store or salon; a card game or a walk. It’s a reminder to take medications and making sure things are OK at home. Homemaking is Companionship Care with a helping hand for cleaning, laundry and meal preparation. These services stop short of licensed ambulatory or hygiene care and are more affordable as such.